Fourth Grade Dream

Nov 21

Holiday Gifts

Need quick handmade gifts for friends and family? Here are some fun ideas:

Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Aunts, Uncles, Teachers and Adult Relatives:

Ribbon Wreath: You will need: One big metal bangle, holiday ribbon, holiday spirit

1. Wrap and knot the ribbon around the metal bangle. After each knot, make sure the ribbon is sticking out, like a present.

2. Do so all the way around the bangle.

3. Give with a smile.

Gift Wrap n’ Ribbon Ornament: You will need: A clear glass Christmas ornament, wrapping ribbon and (optional, wrapping paper), holiday spirit

1. Open up the top of the ornament and put in as much ribbon as it needs to be full.

2. Close the top.

3. Give with a cheery expression.

Children Cousins and Friends

Painted Ornament: You will need: A plain sculpted fun ornament, acrylic paint, holiday spirit

1. Paint the ornament in traditional or fun and wacky colors.

2. Find a thin red or green ribbon and string it through the hole at the top.

3. Give your gift like it’s gold.

Reindeer Puppet: You will need: A paper lunch sack, pipe cleaners, beads, glue, white and black paper, scissors, red marker, mini jingle bells, (optional) fabric, (optional) holiday spirit

1. Cut the black and white paper into two eyes, the black smaller than the white.

2. Glue eyes together and glue onto the paper lunch sack, the open part at the bottom.

3. Use beads to make a two bead, three bead, or four bead nose.

4. Glue on the nose.

5. Use red marker to make a half-oval beneath the flap of the sack to look like a mouth.

6. Use fabric or paper to make a collar a little beneath the mouth. Decorate with beads and mini jingle bells.

7. Glue on collar.

8. Cut a pipe cleaner in half and twist together to make an antler. Do so with another pipe cleaner also.

9. Glue pipe cleaners onto the back of the sack. Let dry.

10. Give with a grin.

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